A quest for gastro-liberation, an excuse to buy more cookbooks…

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Yes, March has lapsed which is the equivalent of a tome in my collection which I could have cooked my way through.

What can I say? I went viral.


March saw me plagued with bad fortune and the dreaded norovirus. (Unpleasant and the most undignified thing you can ever contract.) I won’t go into detail. It’s unpalatable to say the least and definitely not worthy of a food blog. It knocked my appetite for six (and my common sense: “I was only able to stomach rosemary thins!” was a particularly middle-class wail which emanated from me, I’m ashamed to admit.) ANYWAY.

The result of this was that I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking in March, let alone cooking from my intended book of the month: Chocolate & Zucchini by Clotilde Dusoulier. So, in the grand tradition of carefree dogs and the Euromillions, I’m going to rollover to April. (Well, it is my blog after all. And also, I lack a Tardis.)

Needless to say, Chocolate & Zucchini is one of my favourite food blogs, not only is it beautifully written but it always makes a small part of me incredibly jealous that I don’t live a charming life in Paris. I’ve never made anything from the book because I was a little cowed by the reputation of French food (even the names fox me – being able to make a roux makes me glow with pride a little because it sounds much much more impressive than the reality of butter and flour creamed together.) Also, it features in abundance one of my culinary nemeses: fruit in savoury. I’m not sure that I am willing to scale that particular gastronomic Everest. However, I will be attempting a cheese souffle, so swings and roundabouts eh?

Another confession: I have no blog post to offer you in the way of my food challenge.

HOWEVER, I have kindly been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by the divine Carly Makes Stuff (erstwhile colleague; craftster extraordinaire; and general all-round bad influence, gin-wise). The award is given to blogs which have 300 readers or less which you think deserve more attention. So without ado, I offer you these recommendations and nominations in lieu of my sorry lack of gastrobabble:

  • Domestic Angel of the North
    My muse for this food challenge, veritable domestic goddess and all-round good egg, Jenny is not only a friend of mine from Library School but also one of the best and most passionate cooks I’ve ever met. Read on in awe and ready yourself for salivation.
  • Eats Dulwich
    I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it yet but I’m a proud South-East Londoner through and through. And even though I have defected to South-West London, my heart still lies in the grubby and loveable mishmash of Peckham. Whilst Peckham does have a wide variety of interesting food shops (looking for a Turkish/Persian/Vietnamese deli? Peckham’s your go-to-girl) East Dulwich is the haunt for more polished gastro-jaunts (Green & Blue for the marvellous wine; a dedicated cheese shop; and the marvellous East Dulwich Deli). Want to know more? Read Eats Dulwich.
  • Fig Jam & Lime Cordial
    This blog is a new find for me and provides some welcome distraction from the monotony of scanning my work RSS feeds (there’s only so much interest I can sustain about NHS reforms). Celia’s quest for “quasi-sustainability” is inspiring but not as much as her beautiful and delectable looking recipes.

For now, my dinner (roast squash, sweet potato and lentille vert salad, in case you’re wondering) and a DVD of Professor Brian Cox winningly grinning his way through the solar system beckons…