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Lemon curd & blueberry layer cake

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Lemon curd & blueberry layer cake, adapted from Sweetapolita

Lemon curd. Marvellously easy for how impressed people are by it. Juice and zest of two lemons, two eggs and one egg yolk, 100g sugar and 50g butter. Melt the butter and sugar together on a gentle heat in a small pan. Once melted, add in the eggs and lemon juice and zest. Keep whisking on a moderately gentle heat until it thickens to custard consistency. Should take about 10 minutes. Lasts in the fridge for two weeks. If you’re restrained.


Author: Hong-Anh

Climb aboard the Good Ship Gastrobabble as we voyage upon the unchartered waters of my neglected cookbook library (and muddle my metaphors faster than a KitchenAid on full-speed).

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