A quest for gastro-liberation, an excuse to buy more cookbooks…

The Girl

Onec upon a babble there was a girl called Hong-Anh.


And aside from blogging about aubergines, beetroot and baking, she liked:

  • knitting
  • Girls Aloud
  • cumin
  • World War I fiction
  • owls
  • Doctor Who
  • sniggering at mildly amusing names in academic journals
  • shouting the word ‘macaroon’ in a Geordie accent
  • porridge (a relatively new obsession)
  • making bullet pointed lists

Day to day, I’m a librarian by trade. I work for an august healthcare think-tank. I’m not allowed to touch the books. There was…an incident. We don’t talk about it anymore. So I’m chained to a PC and most of the time am concerned with social media and spreadsheets. Sometimes for fun, I do a spot of data monkeying.

But by night – ah! I turn into a pyjama’d sloth, usually found in the natural habitat of a London sofa, watching Game of Thrones and scarfing whatever concoction I have managed to conjure out of the fridge and into the pan.

This blog originally started out as a challenge to myself. I have amassed a large collection of cookbooks and I don’t use them nearly enough. I decided that I would devote a month to a book and commit to making one thing a week from said book. The challenge was a way of justifying my habit of buying more cookbooks than one woman could possibly need. However, I overestimated my commitment levels and it fell by the wayside. Instead, you’ll now get a mishmash of stuff I’ve chucked into an oven and smeared in butter and sugar. Or my best Nigel Slater impression.


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